Certifit's full shop tooling allows us to rebuild motors, rollers, repair electronic control boards, weld broken frameworks and much much more. Our Technicians strip down worn fitness equipment to the base frame, then go through each and every component, replacing with new parts No one has the time tested knowledge and support as Certifit.

​We follow every manufacturers preventative maintenance guide lines but add our own lubing and cleaning process that keeps it looking and running like new. We detail it ! Our Due Dilegence reporting service contract, Giving detailed reporting charts , but also annual service cost on each individual piece. The advantage is you will know which units are making you money and which units are costing you money. ​



​​​Certifit has affilations with most Manufacturers and receive generous discounts on most product lines without the need of a showroom. Our advantage is direct affiliation is far more cost effecive and we pass that on to you . Orders are placed direct to manufacturer,built then shipped direct! No show rooms, no sales staff , no warehousing. Just factory direct pricing, shipping and setup. 

Most service providers come from a dealer network and were trained on a specific manufacturers product, therefore have limited service knowledge. We pride our selves on being an independant service provider with Fast 24 hour response on all service requests and have full warrantied maintenance contracts at the lowest rates.